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Why Bakhoor makes a great Ramadan gift?

Wondering what to gift for Ramadan or Eid this year?

During the month of Ramadan, it is very common to send Hadiya, also known as a gift, to family and friends. This is customarily sent at any point during the month and is a small token/ gesture to show that the person is in your thoughts and prayers.

Oud, Bakhoor and attar makes a fabulous gift for several reasons. Its relevant and can be used by men and women, elderly or younger people in the house. It is used extensively in most homes during the month of Ramadan. Its not perishable and can be used even after Ramadan if it left over. Even more than one burner can be used in a home. Its easy to stock up on Bakhoor and burner sets in your home and easy to send across, carry with you if you are visiting. 

Typically, people send food but often its logistically more cumbersome. It can become too much to consume and its often perishable and needs to be consumed quickly.

Bakhoor will certainly last for a few weeks, it sets the Ramadan vibe, its practical yet thoughtful and will be appreciated by family and friends. Its also a great gift for non-Muslims if you wish to share a small aspect of your culture with friends and neighbours. 

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