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Our Craft

Our process roots from over 100 years of earnest study and understanding of Arabic culture and tradition. Our fragrances are meticulously crafted with ingredients sourced from across the region, reflecting the diverse and vibrant traditions of Arabia. Following the footsteps of generational know-how, we spend exceptional time and effort on keeping alive the true essence of Arabic scent.

The art of making bakhoor starts with the careful selection of premium raw materials, such as fragrant woods, resins, and aromatic spices.The raw materials are finely ground and blended together, creating a harmonious mixture which is then skillfully infused with various natural oils and essences, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance. The next stage involves the shaping and molding of the Bakhoor. These delicate creations are then left to dry and mature, allowing the flavors and aromas to develop fully.

Attars are crafted by capturing the essence of aromatic flowers, herbs, or spices through a process called distillation. This involves heating the raw materials and collecting the evaporated essential oils, which are then blended with carrier oils to create the final attar. The art of attar blending requires a keen sense of balance and intuition.

Both the creation of bakhoor and the blending of attar demand patience, precision, and a deep understanding of fragrance composition. It is a testament to the rich Arabic heritage and craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations in the family, resulting in the exquisite aromas that continue to captivate our senses today.


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