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Scenting Your Hair with Bakhoor: A Simple Guide

In a world full of scents, there's a charming tradition that's catching on—scenting your hair with bakhoor. Bakhoor, a fragrant mix of oud, sandalwood, and spices usually used for homes, has found its way into hair care. Here's a simple guide to infusing your locks with this ancient and exotic fragrance.

Choosing the Right Bakhoor:
Pick a bakhoor blend that matches your style. Whether you prefer deep woody notes or a floral-spicy mix, there's a bakhoor for you.

Applying Bakhoor:

Method 1: With a Charcoal Burner. Light a piece of bakhoor and place it on a hot piece of charcoal on a burner. Lean over, letting the fragrant smoke flow through your hair. Keep a safe distance.

Method 2: Light up a tea light candle and place it in a Dukhni exotic burner. Put a piece of Dukhni bakhoor on the burner. Within minutes, the fragrance will begin to disperse. There will be little to no smoke generated, but as the fragrance diffuses, carefully lean over, tilt your head, and allow the fragrance to weave through your hair. Gently combing your fingers through your hair will help it retain more scent. Ensure a safe distance between your hair and the candle.

Incorporate bakhoor into your routine, turning your daily hair care into a simple, aromatic experience that connects you to centuries of tradition. Enjoy the sweet, enduring scent effortlessly.


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