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Oud Al Sawsani Bakhoor

Oud Al Sawsani Bakhoor

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عود السوساني بخور

3 boxes of Oud Al Sawsani Bakhoor with 9 pieces each & an additional 10th sample piece in each box

Oud Al Sawsani is an ambery & saffron scent that opens with a harmonious blend of saffron, jasmine, and bergamot followed by a rose and oud heart. A musky base of rose absolut, musk and amber with a resinous afternote of benzoin creates a unique and richly textured scent that creates a warm energy. In addition to 9 pieces of bakhoor per box, each box also contains an additional 10th sample of something new!

Dukhni Bakhoor is made from a traditional recipe using sustainably sourced natural ingredients for their aromatic properties. Each fragrance is derived from various combinations of aromatic extracts, botanical extracts, essential oils, spices, resins, and woods.

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Product Ingredients

How To Use the Dukni Exotic Burner

A Sustainability Promise


For external use only. Do not inhale smoke or fumes directly. Please handle with care, and do not leave a candle flame unattended. Do ensure that candle flame is not touching copper plate and there is no soot formation to prevent any form of twax combustion or fire. Do not move when candle is lit as wax is hot and spillage can cause combustion. Burner gets hot while using with charcoal or candle and remains hot for sometime after use- do not touch