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Enjoy Oud Diffuser Oils The Dukhni Way


How does an Oil Burner work?

A candle oil burner diffuses the scent of Oud oil by heating a mixture of oil and water. Simply fill the bowl on top of the burner with water + a few drops of Oud oil, and light a tea light candle below.

How much Oud (diffuser) oil should I use in an oil burner?

The amount of oud (diffuser) oil needed depends on the size of the oil burner and personal preference. Typically, 8-10 drops of oil is a good place to start. Adjust the quantity as desired after trying it out.

How long can I run an oil burner?

The duration for running an oil burner varies depending on personal preference. Most people use it for 1-2 hours at a time or (until the candle runs out).

How do I clean the Dukhni Oil Burner?

To clean the oil burner, empty any remaining water and oil after use. Wipe the brass bowl and wash it with warm, soapy water. Make sure to remove any residue and wipe off any soot that may accumulate below the bowl.


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