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Dukhoon E-Catalogue


Is it okay to use the the plate if it gets stained? question

It's normal for the copper plate to get discoloured once heated. You can continue using the plate as it will not alter the quality of the aroma.

Is it safe to burn bakhoor around kids?

Yes, bakhoor is safe and can be burnt around kids. But please ensure that kids are away from burner, candle flame or charcoal.

For how many hours does a bakhoor piece last?

A single Dukhni bakhoor piece can be burner for upto 3.5 hours.

Can I use any tealight candle inside the burner?

You must use a 12 gram candle or a candle which burns for 3.5 hours to ensure safety and good quality scent dispersion.

Is it okay for me to burn more than one bakhoor piece at a time?

Yes, you can definitely burn around 2-3 bakhoor pieces together for a captivating aromatic experience.

Can I reburn the same piece of bakhoor after 3.5 hours?

No you can't reburn a bakhoor piece after 3.5 hours as all the oil will be diffused by then. The bakhoor will not melt or disintegrate after 3.5 hours, but it should be discarded and a fresh piece needs to be used everytime.


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