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Caution - Always Be Careful

Use Aromatics Safely (Smoke, Allergies and Safety Protocols)


Safety while using aromatics is extremely important. Traditional incense/ bakhoor burned on charcoal or an electric burner diffuses into the room along with smoke. It leaves your space smelling wonderful but inhaling these fumes directly in a high concentration and frequency maybe harmful.


Dukhni bakhoor can also be burned traditionally on exotic burners. The exotic burners diffuse the fragrance using a t-light candle and spread aroma into the space without generating significant smoke. This method of lighting bakhoor is a safer way to consume incense and also more suitable for people with allergies. 


Always ensure that the candle is never left unattended. The plate on the burner must be cleaned after each use, especially under the plate if there is any soot formation. The flame of the candle must not directly touch the plate at any time.


If incense smoke causes an allergic reaction or breathing difficulties it must be discontinued immediately and ventilate the space thoroughly before re-entering. A physician should be consulted prior to further use.


If safety guidelines are followed the positive impact of incense and aromatics can be experienced and enjoyed in your home, creating a beautiful ambience for you and your family.


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