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About Us

Dukhni was inspired by a vision to enrich daily life with the power and beauty of scent. With a history that spans over 5,000 years, the craft of perfumery forms one of the cornerstones of Arabic culture as a symbol of art, beauty, and reverence. Bakhoor, which are blended, scented wood chips matured in fragrant oils and a wide assortment of natural ingredients, have long been used as a method to delightfully scent the home.  

Using our knowledge of botanicals and traditional blending methods, we create long-lasting and evocative fragrances imbued with a sense of history. Our original recipes of Bakhoor Incense were first formulated in a kitchen in Aden, a flourishing trading port that served as an entryway to the Incense Route. Five generations later, these carefully passed down formulas have been developed into a range of products that conjure the captivating scents of Arabia.

As a family-owned, quality-focused business, creating natural aromatics that uplift your mind, body, and spirit is our passion. We believe a great scent holds emotions and memories and is one that you can return to over and over again. Our expertly blended aromas are a heady combination of aromatic and botanical extracts, spices, resins, and woods. All our ingredients are sustainably sourced and 100% vegan and cruelty free. From plant to package, our products are a result of conscious choices that support the planet.

Dukhni is quickly gaining recognition across the world as a premier fragrance house with specialty artisanal aromatic products. From the Middle East to India, you can now find us stocked in boutiques across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. We welcome you to join our family in our aromatic adventures and hope that our fragrances enliven your senses.