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Why is Yemeni Bakhoor Special?

Arabs are known world over for being large consumers of all types of fragrances. Attars (concentrated perfume oil) and bakhoor (incense) being amongst the most popular types of fragrances consumed.

Yemeni bakhoor comprises classical fragrances, and the age-old art and recipe of natural handmade bakhoor is used to make this. Each piece is enriched with various natural ingredients including Agarwood and other aromatic woods, exotic flowers, herbs and spices.

Yemeni bakhoor which was often made in homes, is well known for being exceptional in quality. The women of the house used to cook their Yemeni bakhoor and guard their recipes. These secrets recipes would always remain within the family and be passed down generations.

Burning bakhoor has always been an intrinsic part of every Arab household routine since generations. Bakhoor would be used to scent the house every day. It would also be used to scent clothes in the wardrobe. It would be popularly used by women to dry and scent their hair after washing it too. It was burned before praying, often burned multiple times in a day. 

Most Arabs today, including those living outside Arabia, often identify the scent with that of their parents or grandparents’ homes. Because of this very strong association that most Arabs have been brought up with, bakhoor brings feelings of comfort, warmth and family!

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