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Oud Bakhoor v/s Yemeni Bakhoor! Whats the Difference?

Bakhoor is the Arabic word for incense. Oud, attar, bakhoor are often used interchangeably and confused with each other. For clarity on the differences read What is Oud? & What is Bakhoor? Bakhoor can be made with Oud (agarwood which is available in the form of concentrated oil and wood chips) as one of the ingredients. Oud Bakhoor therefore, simply put, is bakhoor which contains little or lots of Oud. The amount of Oud that a piece of Bakhoor contains will effect both the fragrance and the price.

Yemen is a country in the Arabian peninsula and the Yemeni women became popular for their exceptional quality home made bakhoor. This bakhoor was cooked in homes and the family recipes were handed down generations. Read to know Why is Yemeni Bakhoor so Special?  

Yemeni bakhoor will often contain oud as one of the ingredients but this is not essential. Yemeni bakhoor can be prepared with a host of other ingredients and woods, flowers, oils, herbs and resins. Oud bakhoor can be prepared in many different ways, the Yemeni style being one of them. 

All authentic Yemeni bakhoors do not necessarily have to be Oud bakhoors. And all original Oud bakhoors are not necessarily Yemeni bakhoor.    

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