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Is the scent of Muattar more effective than Bakhoor?

Muattar is a type of bakhoor, made of hand picked wood chips that have been cured in essential oils and various aromatics extracts, botanical extracts, spices, resins and woods.

Regular bakhoor is different from muattar because it’s a blended incense. Oils, woods, flower extracts, spices and resins are blended together and its usually made into shapes, slabs or powder form.  Regular bakhoors and muattars also have a different burn due to their composition. Muattars tend to emit a more woody note.

Muattar can be burned in the same way as bakhoor. The traditional way requires that you light up a piece of coal. Place a few muattar chips on the coal and immediately there will be fragrant smoke dispersing in your space. This burns very quickly so the wood chips must be discarded before a burning smell gets emitted.

The other way generates almost no smoke in comparison. For this you need to use a Dukhni exotic burner and Dukhni muattar only. Light up the t light candle and place it in the burner, under the copper plate. Put a few muattar chips on the copper plate and the fragrance will slowly disperse in your space.

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