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How to Eliminate Cooking Smells?

The aroma of food is fantastic but not when it lingers through your home and throughout the day! Do you agree?

Many spices and other ingredients like onions and garlic are both aromatic and pungent. Some of these smells are hard to get rid off and the smells waft through your home, especially with an open kitchen.

You need a well-ventilated kitchen to eliminate these smells but more often than not the weather doesn’t make it easy for natural ventilation. Using scent and incense is a great way to eliminate cooking smells.

Dukhni oud bakhoor is one of the most effective and fabulous way to get rid of smells from the kitchen. Without generating any smoke, the incense burns slowly and diffuses through your space, effectively eliminating all pungent odours. It can be used in any weather and preferably in a room with windows closed. Its non-toxic and so easy to use. It not cumbersome and messy either.

Candles, mist sprays and reed diffusers can all also be used to fragrance your home but the Dukhni Oud bakhoor range is found to be most effective at eliminating pungent cooking smells.