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Different Ways to burn Bakhoor! and some common mistakes

Bakhoor is the Arabic word for ‘incense’ and there are several ways in which you can burn bakhoor. We will look at all the different ways that you can burn bakhoor in this article and also point out some common mistakes that people make while burning bakhoor.


The most common way of burning bakhoor, and the way it has been done since time immemorial is on coal. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Burn a charcoal disc on a flame until it is hot and burning through, a grey soot like ash on top is indicative that your coal is
  • Then carefully transfer this charcoal disc to the mabkhara (Incense burner).
  • Add bakhoor on this piece of hot coal and immediately you will smell the wonderful fumes spreading through your space.
  • You can carefully move the burner into different parts of your home or space during this
  • Remove the bakhoor after 15-20min and


  • Allowing the bakhoor to continue to sit on the coal for longer than 20min will give you a burning
  • The bakhoor piece itself is not flammable and should not be heated or burned


This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to burn bakhoor.

  • Plug in your electric burner
  • Place the bakhoor on the plate on top
  • Usually we recommend putting a piece of foil on the plate as many types of bakhoor melt and can be messy
  • Unfortunately this cannot be moved while
  • Unplug after 15-20min


  • Allowing the piece of bakhoor to sit on the plate for more than 20-30min will give you a burning smell.

 This is slow, easy and convenient, but is also doesn’t generate smoke like the above 2 ways of burning bakhoor.

  • Light a t-light candle and place it in the burner below the plate. 
  • Put a piece of bakhoor on the plate.


  • The bakhoor piece itself cannot be burned
  • Placing other brands of bakhoor that could melt on the burner, can be dangerous and must not be
  • This method is ideal in a closed