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Burning Bakhoor while Preparing For Prayer

Prayer is a way of connecting with God, a higher being, or the Universe- wherever your belief lies. In Islam, prayer is often called namaaz or salah and is one of the five core pillars of Islam and practices bestowed upon every Muslim. The ritual prayer is practiced to break the day’s activities and bring focus to the mind and heart, and to the service of God.

Prayer is preceded by a ritual ablution called wudu. Wudu is cleansing yourself from physical impurities like dirt to enter a state of worship. The Arab culture further encourages the use of fragrances to elevate the state of mind and focus during namaaz. Burning Oud and Bakhoor for surroundings and attars for the body are common practices in a Muslim home. In many households burning bakhoor is a daily practice but in some households, burning bakhoor is a special Friday ritual. Bakhoor from Dukhni is sustainably sourced with natural ingredients that usher a state of tranquillity. Likewise, attars are considered prayer time fragrances. Dukhni attars are pure concentrated halal oils. Attars by Dukhni pay homage to the aromatic heritage of the Middle East and are developed pristinely!

Prayer is personal; prayer is humbling. Experience reverberating connections using the primal power of fragrances. Whether it’s burning oud, bakhoor or applying attar oils, the Dukhni range of beautifully crafted essences ensure your surroundings feel calmer and self, more composed.

If you would like to buy bakhoors and attars for your salah or namaaz time, you may explore our collections here: 

Oud Bakhoors



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