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Why the Rose is so special in the Arab World?

The power of roses is undeniable! They are one the most iconic and recognizable scents, often symbolizing love or royalty.
In the Hadith, there's an account from Muhammad when he went up to heaven after receiving his first revelation; sweat dropped off him onto the earth below leading eventually towards roses that were born out this very moment:
The pervasiveness of rose in the Middle East is undeniable. It flavors many sweets and beverages, but its most famous use might be as a building material for mosques - which are traditionally built with heated sandstone masonry dust mixed together with rose water before being constantly churned into mortar during construction so it will release fragrance on hot days (and also because scent has been linked to happiness).
Oud al Habayeb, Maamoul Al Bakhoor and Oud Al Ibtisam are some of Dukhni's favourite scents that blend Oud.