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Which bakhoor is best? And what bakhoor is used in Makkah?

Bakhoor is Arabic Incense. Often one of the key ingredients of bakhoor is Oud, also known as Agarwood. Oud is an exorbitantly expense plush wood and it is the distinct scent that most people associate with the Middle East and Arabia. Whether it be used whole or blended into other substances like incense and oils-- this scent will always remind you where your heart lives: with God himself. More often than not, Oud is blended into incense or perfume oils. Good bakhoors often have a fair amount of Oud blended into them. But just containing Oud is not enough to be the best bakhoor. Mentioning "bakhoors" brings up an interesting point - what exactly makes them so special? This carefully blended ‘recipe’ was cooked and conjured up in kitchens at home. The best bakhoors release a steady scent, where the fragrant notes blend harmoniously and last for long. Makkah is a place of great significance for Muslims. For many, it’s considered the holy city where heaven meets earth. The smoke from oud-based bakhoor in mecca is what brings back memories, makes you feel calm and spiritual. These powerful scents can help create emotional responses from different people depending on what memory is most triggering for them at any given moment.