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The quickest & most effective way to calm your mind and body!

Here are 4 ways to self soothe:
- a warm drink 
- a chat with a trusted friend
- slow breathing or meditation
- a scent of perfume you associate with comfort
The quickest way to soothe your brain and tell it you are safe is actually through your sense of smell. Finding a scent that you associate with safety can be helpful and to calm your body and mind when you get anxious or stressed. 
Here are some suggestions to try and find that scent. It could be the scent of a loved one, or the scent of a place you love that triggers this calming response. The scent of parents, grandparents, trusted friends, the scent of your home, your family home, your place of worship. The scent of the pool or sea or mountains or forest if nature calms you.  
The sense of smell is the most under utilized to soothe but it's one of the quickest, most effective, easy to take with you and not visible methods of calming your mind and body. 
Explore scents of Dukhni that will remind you of a mosque, your family or your family home in Arabia.