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Is Burning Incense Safe for Kids?

Incense typically generates smoke and regularly inhaling this smoke can be harmful, especially for kids. But don’t let the smoke that regular incense generates deter you from making your home smell wonderful all the time.

Incense and good scent spreads positive vibes. Its calming and helps you unwind. It also evokes memories and nostalgia and makes your home cozy and inviting. So don’t deprive yourself.

Seek out a smoke free option.

Arabic incense when burned on the Dukhni signature burner is smoke free, non toxic and its also not messy or cumbersome to burn. All you need is a t light candle and of course some Dukhni Arabic incense bakhoor. Its safe for kids, safe for pets and better for the environment too.  Learn more about this smoke free and convenient way of burning Arabic incense. You will probably never go back to burning regular incense that creates smoke!