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Region: United States of America

Beauty of Jasmine - Complex yet Balance!

The beauty of jasmine is plentiful and gracious. The top note fades and creates room for a warm resonant middle note. Jasmine epitomizes the best quality of a home - comfort! 
The scent of jasmine is often enjoyed indirectly through jasmine tea or jasmine rice, but as the perfumer's saying goes - "there is no perfume without jasmine". 
Jasmine can be a perfume on its own - complex yet balanced. It also elevates any other scent that it's combined with and usually forms the middle note because of its relatively long lasting time. 
The scent of jasmine is difficult to imitate perfectly with synthetics and therefore we at Dukhni prefer using natural jasmine. The flower is known to blossom at night so it is harvested by hand in the early hours of the morning while the blooms are open and the scented oils reach their peak levels. 
You cannot judge a perfume by sniffing a bottle, a smelling strip or someone else's wrist. Perfumes smell wildly different on different people. Also, scent changes over time and comes alive with movement. Jasmine exudes a friendly vibe and makes you feel warm and protected and ready to face the world. 
Explore a Set of 6 scents from Dukhni's collection where jasmine is at the heart of the fragrance and also some in which jasmine is gloriously combined with other aromatics.