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7 Ways to Enjoy Arabic Oud Bakhoor Incense

Arabs love burning incense and they indulge in burning copious amounts. Here are some ways to enjoy burning ‘bakhoor’.


  • Burn bakhoor while relaxing- you can unwind with a cup of tea and light up some bakhoor while doing so. It spreads positive vibes and creates a calming atmosphere. Scent brings back memories and evokes nostalgia so allow Dukhni bakhoor to transport you to Arabia.


  • Burn bakhoor when you are expecting guests. Make your home ambience warm, cozy and inviting. Bring a smile onto your guests faces, when they walk into your wonderful smelling space.


  • Burn bakhoor after cooking and cleaning as this helps eliminate pungent food odours. Certain spices and ingredients leave a scent that’s difficult to get rid off. Allow Dukhni bakhoor to get rid of the food smells especially when you have an open kitchen and the scent of the food travels through your entire home.


  • Burn bakhoor while praying or reading Quran. It creates the vibe of a mosque and spreads a tranquil and spiritual atmosphere.


  • Burn bakhoor while studying to improve focus. You can even burn some bakhoor while working or reading as it soothes the mind and calms the nerves.


  • Burn bakhoor and scent your hair. This is something arabs love to do. Your hair will smell wonderful until the next wash. The scent of the bakhoor gets absorbed into your hair, in much the same way as the scent of cigarette smoke gets absorbed into your when you or people around you smoke. Your hair will smell wonderful until the next wash.