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7 Awesome ways to Use Mist Sprays!

Mist Sprays are scented sprays that can be used to fragrance any space. The Dukhni Natural Mist Sprays, commonly also known as faraash, are especially made without any alcohol and enhanced with Oud.

Mist sprays can be easily sprayed onto all fabrics- bed linen, prayer mats, upholstered sofas, curtains, carpets, rugs and much more. They can be sprayed as air freshners in a room, bathroom or kitchen as well. A few quick sprays can suffice but ofcourse you can spray it more generously too. If used regularly on fabric, the fabric will absorb the scent and hold the scent for longer over a period of time.

Alcohol free mist sprays are great to use at the time of prayers. They smell fabulous and leave your prayer room and prayer mat smelling wonderful too. They are also extremely convenient to use after cleaning the house, to freshen up your space. After cooking, these sprays can help rid your home of pungent cooking odours. Also, don’t miss spraying your towels, it feels wonderful to use a nice fragrant towel when you step out of the shower.

Natural Mist Sprays are so versatile and easy to use. Its an absolute essential in every home and also makes a great gift.

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