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3 Top tips to ensure you always smell good!

We all know that body odour is natural yet it’s a bit repulsive. When a nice smelling person walks into the room, or greets you, you have to admit that you notice it and that good scent makes you feel ‘something’ that’s possibly hard to describe. Here are 3 top tips to combat body odour apart from the obvious which is to shower and use a deodorant. Be the person that always smells fabulous and that people notice!

  • Scent your clothes. While perfume is the obvious choice, scenting your wardrobe and clothes with incense is more long lasting and effective. Burn some incense in your wardrobe (do ensure you take all safety precautions) and do not leave this unattended. The scent of the incense gets absorbed into the fabric and until its washed it will continue smelling wonderful
  • Scent your hair. This is a very well-known tradition amongst arab women. They use the heat from the incense to both dry and scent their hair. This fragrance lingers in the hair until the next hair wash and leaves you smelling wonderful.
  • Layering scent. This entails using many layers of fragrance one over the other. This can include a scented shower gel, followed by a moisturizer, deodorant, then a perfume or attar oil, mist spray, perfume and finally incense. Different products and different scents diffuse at different times, so layering ensures that good fragrance stays on you for the longest possible duration.

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